Aespa’s Karina Admits That The Group Was Sick During An Iconic Performance, Proving Their Professionalism

Fans wouldn’t have known.

KAMP LA 2022 seemed to be a promising event with an impressive lineup and immensely excited fans. However, despite marketing itself as “the biggest, fully immersive K-Pop experience to ever hit the United States,” the event quickly became a massive disappointment.

Not only were there specific rules that K-Pop fans objected to, but many of the highly-anticipated artists were unable to fly to the United States for their performance, which the artists’ entertainment companies blamed KAMP LA‘s organizers for. According to the companies, the event organizers could not obtain the proper work visas to allow seven of the performing artists to enter the United States.

Aside from the unexpected changes to the lineup, fans were also disappointed by the performing artists’ set time and especially by the underwhelming meet-and-greet experience. Although fans paid $1,000 daily for a VIP experience, videos of the meet-and-greet showed how quickly fans were hurried past the artists, who were told to stand far from the barricade.

Fortunately, fans who did attend KAMP LA 2022 did have performing artists like Super Junior showcase their kindness, and groups like iKON and MOMOLAND truly blew the entire audience away with their captivating performances.

Girl group aespa also gave a newsworthy performance as the members stunned fans with their real-life visuals…

Aespa’s Giselle, Karina, Winter, and NingNing | @aespa_official/Twitter

Impressive vocal and dance skills…

| aespa/YouTube 

And dynamic crowd interactions.

| aespa/YouTube 

Even non-fans were simping over the talented, stunning members of aespa after KAMP LA 2022.

But despite aespa’s impressive performance, a recent behind-the-scenes look at the members’ time in the United States shows just how professional the members had to be.

During KAMP LA 2022, aespa fans called out SM Entertainment for Giselle‘s poor styling, as the idol had to run backstage several times to get help adjusting her outfit.

And the recent video shows that not only was Giselle’s styling uncomfortable, but that all four members of aespa were actually feeling sick. Although the members worked hard in rehearsal, while getting her make-up done before the performance, Karina admitted that she felt like she was getting sick.

I suddenly feel like [I’m] getting a cold. I didn’t feel sick before.

— Karina

| aespa/YouTube 

Before later clarifying that all four members were actually feeling unwell.

All four of us [are] slightly feeling like we have a cold.

— Karina

| aespa/YouTube 

Still, despite not feeling well, aespa remained professional, wanting to do their best for their fans.

So it’s a bummer, but we’ll do our best for the performance.

— Karina

| aespa/YouTube 

Karina even hoped that it would be warm enough outside that they wouldn’t feel too cold.

It must be warmer out there than here, right? It must be hotter out, right? We’d feel warmer after we perform, right? It needs to get warmer. I don’t want to sweat though.

— Karina

| aespa/YouTube 

And, of course, despite how they felt, the members worked hard to give their fans an unforgettable performance.

Source: aespa