“She Said She Likes Me…” — Aespa’s Karina Spills The Beans On Her Friendship With BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

We support the friendship of beautiful queens.

The aespa girls surprised K-Pop fans when they were spotted at the BLACKPINK BORN PINK finale in Seoul.

Aespa watching the concert. | @ujiminphoria/Twitter

Fans wondered just how they iconic girl groups knew each other. It turns out, Jisoo was the one to first reach out to Karina, inviting the girls to watch them perform.

During a video call fansign on September 21, 2023, Karina spilled the beans about her unexpected friendship. According to Karina, Jisoo contacted her first, telling her that she was a fan. After exchanging a few texts, the two became close! Later, Jisoo extended the invitation to aespa for the concert.

[Jisoo] contacted me first to tell me that she likes me. We got close and…

— @babujiminy

Giselle also confirmed that they were invited to attend the concert. Some fans had wondered if the girls purchased the tickets or not.

According to Karina, they also met BLACKPINK backstage. Sadly, we’ve yet to see any photos from this adorable meetup. Fingers crossed though! We love to see pretty girls hang out with each other.