Aespa’s Karina Gains Attention For Her Luxurious Actress-Like Visuals And Her Body Proportions At “Confidential Assignment 2” Premiere

“What’s up with her leg length? I’m jealous!”

Aespa‘s Karina received praise for her elegant visuals and her unreal body proportions at the recent premiere of the new movie Confidential Assignment 2.


Karina attended the premiere in order to show support for Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona, who stars in the movie.

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

This being her first time at a movie premiere, Karina confessed to fans that she was incredibly nervous about attending. Thankfully, however, she had Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon there to comfort her! The two of them shared the sweetest interaction at the event as Taeyeon touchingly looked after Karina.

While taking pictures on the red carpet, it was evident that Karina still felt somewhat uncomfortable. She went viral after she misheard one of the reporters when they asked her to turn to the left, and even afterward still failed to realize what had been said to her, making fans gush over how cute she is.

Yet, despite her hesitation, Karina did not fail to serve major looks. She was dressed in a simple but elegant outfit, consisting of a cute white top, blue jeans, and a pair of small white heels. Her makeup was also kept clean and simple, emphasizing her natural beauty.


Korean netizens earnestly praised the look, commenting that it gave her effortlessly luxurious vibes. She looks ready to debut as an actress herself!

  • Hul seeing her like that, she has kind of the actress vibe
  • Wow her outfit is good, she looks freaking clean ㅜ And she suits it too
  • Her makeup is light so she looks more like an actress, interesting
  • She gave off the office vibe today… I hope I can see her act in the future
  • Hul she looks more luxurious with this type of make up

And of course, fans also couldn’t get enough of her unreal body proportions.

  • Aigo Jimin is so pretty
  • Yah what’s up with her legs length… I’m so jealous
  • Jimin is totally pretty ㅠㅠ My baby
  • Her proportions are amazing, she’d look even prettier with higher heels, I’d like to see
  • Wow she looks 175

Karina regularly goes viral for her visuals, and the look she served at the Confidential Assignment 2 premiere makes it easy to see why!

Source: pannchoa