Aespa’s Winter Spotted Enjoying Her Day Off Like A Regular Teen At Lotte World

Just a normal girl!

aespa‘s Winter might spend her days at work saving the world as Winter Armamenter…

…but on her days off, she’s just like any regular teen! The star was sighted at one of South Korea’s most popular theme parks, Lotte World. It was said that she visited the theme park on August 1, 2022. She had gone with her non-celebrity friend. A lucky fan spotted her in queue.

The fan shared that Winter had queued for the rides like any regular person. Lotte World offers a fast pass for a fee, which you can use to skip lines. Despite earning a fair amount as a celebrity, Winter had allegedly simply stood in line. She queued for almost three hours for a rollercoaster ride.

The lucky fan even got to sit behind Winter on the ride thanks to their position in the queue. According to the fan, after Winter got off, she was a little disappointed that she stood in line for three hours for the ride to end like that.

The fan had asked for an autograph in the cutest way. They typed a note to Winter on their notes app that read, “Is it really you, Minjeong unnie? If yes, I’m a total fan.” Winter had smiled and confirmed it was her. It seems that this particular fan was really lucky, as Winter revealed that someone else had asked if she was Winter on the same day, and Winter had told them no.

Of course, the fan had only praise for Winter as they gushed over how gorgeous Winter was. Winter gave them a signature on their phone.

What a lucky day for the fan! The fan tactfully shared the incident only a few days after the visit to Lotte World. Glad to see Winter can still enjoy her days off like a normal girl!

Source: Nate Pann