Controversial Restaurant Where NCT’s Chenle Was Targeted With Racist Abuse, Revealed To Have A Problematic Past

They vow to boycott the place.

Aewol Sikdang in Apgujeong recently came under fire when one of their staff used racist terms against NCT’s Chenle. The restaurant is famous for their Jeju black pork barbecue. Chenle himself has been there more than once.  Their staff uploaded an Instagram story of Chenle with the derogatory term “jjangkkae,” a racist term against Chinese people. They also called his companion, EXchange’s Tae Yi, a “f*cking chain smoker.”

Story by employee. | theqoo

First of all, to give you guys a review, Tae Yi’s physique is f*cking huge. The reason why I guessed it was Tae Yi = He’s a f*cking chain smoker. He f*cking smoked a lot and left.

— Staff

Even though the restaurant has since apologized, criticism towards the restaurant continues to pour out. Fans are hoping to boycott the place, claiming that they would not be friendly to foreigners anyway.

While more fans have exposed the restaurant owner and staff for other misdeeds.

This restaurant’s owner is not a good person too. He easily exposes celebrities’ private lives and treats customers without manners. The part timers secretly take photos of celebrities and upload them on social media while them out. Previously, Chenle went with his friend to eat, and a part timer secretly uploaded a photo of them, saying that Chenle was a flop, that NCT was a flop. Don’t eat there in the future, everyone. I’m so sad.

— Leeiony11n

Netizens are equally critical.

| theqoo
  • “’A personal apology?’ F*ck LOL. Did they send him a bubble or something?”
  • “No, but this is so embarrassing.”
  • “Wonder how he knows Tae Yi. Fascinating.”
  • “The comments are so surprising, LOL. I almost thought this wasn’t theqoo.”
  • “Just from seeing the photo, I thought this was uploaded by a sasaeng. Why are they like that? So weird.”
  • “I saw that they apologized and wondered what happened. This definitely deserved an apology…”

The restaurant has since apologized for the matter and fired the staff. Read more about the initial incident below.

They Called Him A “Ch*nk” — Restaurant Apologizes For Staff That Used Racist And Derogatory Terms Against NCT Dream’s Chenle

Source: Theqoo