African American Basketball Player Caught Faking Korean Ancestry After Trying To Play On National Team

An African American basketball player was kicked out of the South Korean women’s professional basketball league after getting caught forging her birth documents.

Chelsey Lee, 26, fabricated her and her father’s birth certificates to show that she had a South Korean grandmother.

She forged the documents to beat the foreigner player quota for KEB HanaBank, which had already recruited their limit on foreign players.

She was the league’s rookie of the year for 2015 and 2016 by scoring 15.2 points in average and 10.4 rebounds.

She is now banned for life from playing in the Korean basketball league, and all of her records are annulled.

This also means that KEB HanaBank’s records for the seasons are also annulled.

KEB HanaBank sued Chelsey Lee and her agent for tricking her documents, which led to their unfortunate annulment.

The court ordered Chelsey to pay KEB HanaBank 700 million won (~$640,000 USD) for damages.

In addition, she has to return all of her salary and agency fee, which totals to 740 million won (~$680,000 USD).

Fans are saddened to hear the unfortunate news of a star athlete cutting her own career short due to illegal actions.

Source: Chosun