Ahn Young Mi Breaks Down In Tears On “Radio Star” At The Thought Of Late Park Ji Sun

She broke down for the second time on a live broadcast.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Ahn Young Mi, who was a close friend of late Park Ji Sun who took her own life early this month, gained sympathy from netizens when she was captured reacting to finding out about the devastating incident in the middle of her radio show.

But she broke down in tears on a broadcast for the second time on the most recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star.

On the show, Jung In revealed a lullaby she wrote for her baby.

Sleep well, my daughter. Have a sweet dream. You can do anything in your dreams. You can fly and even use magic. If a tiger appears, you can roar even louder. And when you open your eyes, the tiger will be gone, and it’ll be your mom and dad who protect you.

— Jung In

The sweet lyrics as well as Jung In’s clear voice filled the studio.

And that was when Ahn Young Mi burst into tears.

Kim Goo Ra comforted Ahn Young Mi in response and explained the source of her tears.

Her friend recently…

— Ahn Young MI

Despite her taking two days off from her radio show, she still appeared on Radio Star where it was clearly witnessed just how close they were and how much she misses her dear friend.

May Park Ji Sun rest in peace.

Source: Chosun