Aiki From “Street Woman Fighter” Doesn’t Scout Pretty Dancers For Her Team — Here’s Why

She shares the criteria of what she looks for.

Aiki is a dancer and the leader of the dance crew HOOK, who is currently competing on Mnet‘s viral dance program, Street Woman Fighter. As the leader of her team, Aiki has certain responsibilities that people may be unaware about — so the dancer took the time to share some of her duties as a leader during her interview with Sports Seoul.

HOOK dancer Aiki for “Street Woman Fighter” | Mnet

The HOOK dancer shared that she has her own methods when it comes to picking and scouting new dancers for her dance crew. Aiki revealed what her own “basic criteria” looked like.

I have my own criteria when I form a team. Of course, skills and a hard work ethic are the basics of what I look for.

— Aiki for “Sports Seoul”

HOOK dance crew | Mnet

Aiki dove a little bit deeper into her recruitment standards, revealing that if a dancer is “too pretty” or “too thin,” she will most likely not pick them.

First of all, if you’re too pretty, people’s gazes will go to your face rather than your dancing. Also, it’s not good if someone is too thin either. I believe that you need to have your own charm.

— Aiki for “Sports Seoul”

| @aiki_kr/Instagram

While it may sound harsh, we can understand why Aiki has different standards for her professional dance team.

Make sure to catch the talented dancer every Tuesday on Street Woman Fighter as she competes with her dance crew HOOK to become South Korea’s number 1 female dance crew.

Source: Sports Seoul