Coming Soon: K-Pop Diva Ailee’s XR Concert “COLORS” Celebrates A Decade of Her Music

Celebrating her 10-year anniversary, Ailee’s COLOR universe will be presented with cutting-edge XR technology.

K-Pop diva Ailee (also known as Amy Lee), born on May 30, 1989, is a South Korean singer based in the United States. Amassing musical success in South Korea, Ailee has released four studio albums, six extended plays, and over twenty-one singles—six of which were nominated within the top five of the K-Pop streaming charts.

Ailee | @aileeonline/Instagram

The multi-talented singer made her debut in February 2012 with her first single, “Heaven,” which instantly gained her popularity. Ailee will soon mark her 10th debut anniversary. In a message to her fans, she shared, “I can’t believe it has been ten years.”

I can’t believe it has been ten years. This day came as a meaningful one because of the fans who have always been there for me, encouraging me, trusting me, and showing me love. I can’t thank you enough, and I love you guys so much. I will try to show a better version of myself each and every day.

— Ailee

Ailee’s management agency announced that the artist will be holding an extended reality (XR) concert called “Colors” to celebrate her 10th anniversary in the metaverse world. The concert will be held in the XR metaverse, bringing life to her songs and providing opportunities for the audience to participate in the concert production as well.

| @mustmymusicstudio/Instagram

The XR concert is managed by the metaverse experts BRAINDECK, one of the pioneers of creating metaverse concerts and producing artificial intelligence-focused K-Pop content. For audiences looking for a new type of XR experience, Ailee’s concert will provide special performances that truly connect the real world to the virtual world.

Ailee, known for her spectacular vocals, will build an XR universe with cutting-edge technology that will present new experiences for her audience. The concert, scheduled for November 12 at 21:00(KST), will be live stream-able worldwide. Tickets are available on Lakus and Interpark. Learn more about the paradigm-shifting concert on Instagram @mustmymusicstudio.