Airbnb Is Offering An Overnight Stay At The “BTS In The Soop” House And You Won’t Believe How Much The Booking Price Is

Living like BTS comes at an interesting cost.

On July 26, Airbnb announced that they will offer an overnight stay at the house where BTS filmed In The Soop season 2. Located in PyeongChang, South Korea, this scenic property will maintain some of the authentic furniture and amenities that BTS had on the show.

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The booking for this experience can be made on August 2, 11 AM KST, from Airbnb’s website. Only one lucky participant will be able to avail of this one-night stay, and they can bring a guest with them.

Now, coming to the price, the cost of this entire experience will be $7 (plus taxes). Yes, you read that right!

The pricing is an obvious nod to the importance of the number “7” for the band. To quote a phrase that ARMYs are pretty familiar with, “It’s the 7 again!”

In exchange for just $7, the guests will not only enjoy the same facilities as the band but also will be served a BTS-approved menu. From grilled Korean beef to tteokbokki to egg tarts produced by Bang & Bakers that are served at HYBE INSIGHT, HYBE’s music museum, every food that brings out Jungkook’s “eyebrow of truth” will be there!

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Though this is a one-time opportunity, Airbnb will soon start accommodating guests in the adjacent properties from where they can visit the BTS In The Soop house easily!