AKMU’s Suhyun Reveals How She Depended On IU’s Words Of Strength When She Was In A Slump

She’s now in a much better mental space!

AKMU‘s Suhyun opened up about her difficult times, and shared how IU helped her to get through those difficult moments!

Suhyun appeared as a guest on JTBC’s Nice Alone and expressed her true feelings towards music and the future, revealing that she felt like she had been stuck in a slump for a while now.

On the topic of dilemmas and trouble she’s faced recently, Suhyun revealed that she’s been facing difficulty finding anything enjoyable these days, and as she gets busier, she gets more down about everything.

I feel like there’s nothing fun these days. I want to rest more than play. But we have to work because we can’t always rest.


She also shared how her insomnia got worse as she saw her busy schedule, and revealed that even music, something that she’d always loved, didn’t bring her joy anymore. After acknowledging that she’s in a slump, she then decided to try to overcome it by meeting senior, more experienced artists than her.

When I look at the schedule I think, ‘I guess I only have that day off next week’ and don’t really have a reaction even when my brother shows me a new song”. This past year, I haven’t done anything because I really wanted to do it.

Knowing this was a slump, I met up with other senior artists.


In hopes of getting better, Suhyun revealed that one of the artists she met was IU, and further shared how much meeting and talking to IU helped her get through difficult times!

I was comforted a lot after meeting IU because she shared that she fell into a slump around the same period as me. It gave me the hope that I would be able to get out of this rut too. I’m trying hard to get through this.


Suhyun also shared how about a year ago, she was always talking about quitting her career. But now, she feels as if she’s managed to overcome some hard moments, and feels like she can finally breathe now.

I think I’ve overcome the hardest part of my slump. I think I was able to get better after moving out on my own. I think I can finally breathe a bit more after separating my work life with my personal life.


Props to Suhyun for overcoming her slump, and finding herself healthier and happier now!

Source: Insight Korea