ALLART Entertainment Announces Delay In Rookie Group PIXY’s First Comeback

They announced a delay in the album release date for “quality” purposes.

Rookie group PIXY has announced a delay in the release of their comeback date.

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PIXY recently announced their official fandom name, and WINXY were excited to get their new name just in time for the group’s first comeback!

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But on May 5, ALLART Entertainment announced on the group’s fancafe that the comeback has been delayed by a day, in order to ensure “better quality”. So, instead of releasing their album on May 19 as originally scheduled, it will be released on May 20 instead.

Greetings, from ALLART Entertainment.

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to WINXY for your support for PIXY’s comeback and would like to share some important updates.

The release date for the 1st Mini-Album Bravery, which was scheduled for May 19, has been postponed for one day.

The new release date will be May 20, 2021, at 6PM KST.

We want to make sure that we are able to deliver the highest quality content for our fans and made the inevitable decision to extend another day.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you WINXY, again for your continued love and support for PIXY.

—ALLART Entertainment

PIXY made their debut on February 24, 2021, with the digital single “Wings”, and are set to release their first mini-album Bravery with accompanying title track “Let Me Know” soon!

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Listen to the album’s highlight melody here!

Source: Cafe Daum