Amateur singer claims YG Entertainment stole “Eyes, Nose, Lips” from him and releases own version on iTunes

An amateur singer has claimed the song “Eyes, Nose, Lips” has been stolen from him after K-Pop fans noted the same background track was being used in his song “Change Me.”

Derrick Bullock wrote on the description of his “Change Me” YouTube video, “Derrick Bullocks single (written 4 years ago contrary to popular belief) documentation and dated video feeds are available from 2008 video taping me composing this music. It DOES NOT belong to a Korean band – it was stolen from me and used in music in Korea 4 years ago. Before you start telling Derrick he stole this music, get your facts straight. Video and paper documentation are available for proof that all rights belong to Derrick Bullock.”  This description has since been deleted from the video. However, the link to his track, which is available for purchase on iTunes, still remains.

YG Entertainment artist and BIGBANG member Taeyang made a solo comeback with his album Rise, released at the beginning of June 2014, which spawned the Song of the Year (2014 MAMA), “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” written by Taeyang and Teddy, composed by Teddy, Dee.P, and Rebecca Johnson. 

With the success of Taeyang’s track, many Korean artists including YG Entertainment’s own, released their own renditions of the track, including Akdong Musician, Lydia Paek, Ben, Eric Nam, Tablo, among others. Thus far, the music video has garnered over 32 million views since its release seven months ago. In addition, the official instrumental and piano versions of the track were released in mid-July as well, for fans to use in Taeyang’s cover contest of the song.

On the other hand, the official video to Derrick Bullock’s “Change Me” was released five months ago at the end of July 2014, though no information regarding the lyricist and composer can be found. The track was officially released via iTunes on August 12th, 2014 under Bullock Entertainment. 

With an uncanny and familiar background featuring auto-tuned vocals for “Change Me,” K-Pop fans have already taken to the iTunes comment section of his track to voice out their displeasure at the amateur singer’s claim to the song’s rights, writing statements such as, “Did you even ask permission from CEO Yang or Taeyang that you’ll use the instrumental?” as well as “The melody for ‘Change Me’ was stolen directly from Korean artist Taeyang’s ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips.’ This is not ok! You can’t make it in the music industry by pirating music!” and more.

In addition to fan comments through iTunes, Ben Baller, famous celebrity jeweler and friends with numerous artists of YG Entertainment also commented on the situation with the tweet below:

Koreaboo has reached out to Derrick Bullock for a statement.