Amber makes fairy tale transformation into “Amberella” for LG U+

Amber shows off her comedy skills in a short video created by LG U+. The video is a parody of the infamous fairy tale Cinderella, and created to promote their new LTE video plan.

The video, titled “Amberella,” is a take on the story of Cinderella, who was adopted into her stepmother’s family after her father passed away. She was forced to work as a servant in her stepmother’s home until her fairy godmother changed her life forever.

In this parody, Amberella was bored at home while her stepmother and stepsisters were out clubbing. She was given the LTE video plan by the “U+ Fairy” where she was able to watch her dramas without worrying about wifi or data usage.

The video ends with Amberella, her stepmother, and stepsisters watching and enjoying a drama on Amberella’s phone, thanks to the LTE video plan by LG.

Check out the hilarious promotional video below.