Anti-fan who left death threats for miss A Suzy booked by Gangnam Police

On November 10th, miss A’s Suzy drew a lot of attention for responding to a netizen who has been sending her a series of hateful messages on her Twitter account. It has been reported that the netizen has been leaving malicious comments for months due out of jealously due to her husband’s fandom of Suzy.

The netizen’s tweets included messages such as, “Get banned from the entertainment industry! Get into a car crash and die,” and, “You sickening person.. I wish you’d get into a car crash and die..” in which the miss A member retaliated, “You want me to die, I see.

In response to the anti-fan who left death threats on Suzy’s Twitter account, JYP Entertainment‘s legal team officially began the process of filing a lawsuit, on November 11th. According to Seoul’s Gangnam Police Department on December 1st, the 30 years-old woman has been booked without arrest and received a proposal for leaving spiteful comments and defaming Suzy since March until November of 2014.

According to the existing law for Digital Service Network in Korea, a person who is found guilty of defamation against another via the internet could be sentenced to imprisonment for a maximum of 7 years or be ordered to compensate the defamed party up to a maximum of approximately $45,000 USD.

As for the current situation, the anti-fan of Suzy is facing either a maximum of 3 years of imprisonment or approximately $27,000 USD in damages.

Source: Kyunghyang Shinmun