AOA announces fan meeting event for students

On November 16th, AOA announced that they would be holding fan meetings at high schools in South Korea to celebrate the CSAT (college entrance) exams. Countless idols have sent messages of encouragement for students taking the exam, but after sending a message of their own, AOA took it one step further by offering to celebrate with students by making appearances at their schools.

Because of their busy schedule and the sheer amount of high schools in Korea, however, the FNC Entertainment group cannot make stops at every school. Therefore, the girls are asking students to leave a short message (and include their school name) with the hashtags #AOA and #LikeACat on the Facebook post by November 23rd for a chance to bring AOA to their school!

South Korean students have prepared extensively for the CSAT, which finally took place on November 13th. After so much pressure and preparation, can you think of a better way to celebrate than with AOA?

The girls recently made a comeback with their new song “Like a Cat”, which became an instant hit, gaining over a million views on YouTube in less than 48 hours! Would you be excited about the prospect of having AOA come to your school?

수험생 여러분 고생하셨습니다! AOA 가 여러분의 학교로 찾아갑니다.11월 23일까지 #AOA #사뿐사뿐 해시태그와 함께 본인의 학교이름과 학급만 댓글로 남겨주면, 응모완료! 예시 : 언니들!! 저 수능끝나고…

Posted by AOA on Sunday, November 16, 2014