AOA’s Jimin Responds To Comments She Received After Posting A Cry For Help Against Haters

She was criticized all because of another person’s mistake.

AOA‘s Jimin was suspected of uploading a cry for help on Instagram after she received malicious comments all because one Korean news reporter titled their article wrongly.


Her fans flooded her Instagram with supportive messages and DMs. Soon after, Jimin posted a screenshot of a fan’s message and responded with her own statement.

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The fan wrote a beautiful message that consoled Jimin and supported her with a heartwarming message.

There are times when people grow thorns in their hearts when they feel lonely or uncertain. They then attack others with their thorns and comfort themselves that they’re doing alright.

But there are also people in the same situations that embrace those around them and comfort each other while sharing their warmth instead.

As always, the morning comes after the night passes and spring arrives when winter ends.

So, please keep your body and heart warm.

— Fan


Jimin simply responded, “Yes.” But that’s all that she needed to say. Fans once again flooded her post with supportive messages and love.


Hopefully, Jimin will take her fan’s advice and pay to attention to the malicious haters but find warmth and comfort within the loving embrace of her true fans!