AOA Open Up About Their Contract Renewal With FNC Entertainment

They spoke up about it.

AOA opened up about how they feel about their contract renewal and what they each did with the renewal fee that they received.

On November 23, AOA made an appearance on the JTBC show Knowing Brothers after renewing their contracts with plans to make their comeback as a five-member group.

On the show, they performed their comeback track “Come See Me” for the first time, and laughed and joked about various topics. One of the topics that came up was the contract fee renewal that AOA received upon re-signing with FNC Entertainment to continue promotions with them. Seo Jang Hoon broached the subject first, commenting that they must have received a lot of down payment for the renewals.


 You must receive a lot of down payment


Chanmi replied to his comment with her own, saying that the amount isn’t as much as everyone thinks it is. While it isn’t a whole lot, she’s happy just the same because she gets to stay with her girls!


We don’t get as much as you think we get. Its okay, I’m happy. I’m just happy at the fact that I renewed my contract.


Jimin spoke up next, defending the amount as a reasonable amount, and revealed that after receiving it, she immediately out it into her savings.


We received a reasonable amount. I received it and put it in savings.

Yuna was the next member to happily add that with the renewal fee, she had even managed to move out into her own place!


I moved out on my own by using the payment.


AOA is currently gearing up for their first comeback as a five-member group, after gaining lots of positive attention for their appearance on the Mnet survival show Queendom.


Are you excited for AOA’s return?