Apink Were Filmed Backstage Without Permission… Members Noticeably Concerned

They had no idea they were being filmed.

A backstage footage filmed at the 2018 Korea Music Festival is under criticism after it was aired without permission from the artists. 


2018 Korea Music Festival made a live broadcast through an online platform for fans who couldn’t go to the festival. If one purchased a paid ticket, one can watch all the performances and backstage access. Apink was one of the artists invited for the event.


The controversy took place after a backstage livestream was recorded and shared on SNS. At the time of the filming, the members were seen taking photos, retouching their make-up and rehearsing their choreography. 


Apink revealed they were not aware of the recording until after they found a video reposted online. 

“A video like this came out?” — Hayoung

“Scary… They were filming there…” — Bomi

“We were touching up our outfits too… If that got out it would be a huge problem…”  — Hayoung



“The members all didn’t know they were filming. Where was this uploaded to?” — Hayoung

“Huh??? What is this there was a camera above us? Goosebumps.” — Eunji

“Really though………..” — Bomi



Fans also launched their own investigation after Apink’s concern. They found how different types of cameras were perched on the tripod and ceiling with the artists not realizing they were already being filmed. 

The backstage is a space to prepare before going onstage so it’s not only for simple make-up correction at times, but also a repair or change of outfits. If the members did not know that they were filmed, it may have caused a big scandal regardless of gender.


The tag #코뮤페_해명해 (KMF Explain Yourself) was also launched online as fans demanded an explanation from the organizers. 


The original fan account on Instagram already apologized for the incident. It was met with a personal response from Hayoung. 


Fans continued to demand an explanation as to whether the artists were informed of the filming. The organisers can face severe charges if proven to have aired it without their permission. 


No official statement has been released about the incident so far. 


Source: StarToday and Pann