Apink’s Hayoung Reveals Eunji Gave Her This One Important Advice In Promoting As A Soloist

Eunji made sure Hayoung knew this before becoming a soloist.

Apink‘s Oh Hayoung finally made her solo debut as she celebrated her new album with her first showcase by herself!

apink hayoung solo eunji 6

As she’s the second member to make a solo debut, she revealed that she was able to make her debut thanks to Jung Eunji who had a successful soloist debut!

apink hayoung solo eunji 1

I believe that I was able to make my solo debut because [Eunji’s] solo album did well.

She started off well and paved the way for me. I believe that I need to do well so that the remaining members can debut smoothly too.

— Hayoung

She also revealed that Eunji gave her sound advice for her solo career! She made sure that Hayoung was always mindful of her finances now that she’s on her own.

apink hayoung solo eunji 2

She gave me very realistic advice. She told me not to have too many staff with me and to save money by not buying coffee or beverages. She made sure I remembered.

I don’t drink coffee often but now I don’t drink it at all.

— Hayoung

Hayoung had actually been preparing for her solo debut since 2 years ago. She revealed that although she’s been preparing for a long time, she always put the full team’s album first before her solo debut.

apink hayoung solo eunji 3

All of the members work hard in their own way. Everyone’s working on acting, beauty, and more but I was preparing my solo album with my company for the past 2 years.

While preparing for promotions with Apink, we’d start with acting, broadcasts, and beauty. But our top priority has always been Apink’s full-team album. I’ve been waiting for the right time over the past 2 years. I never felt bad about it because Apink is always #1 for me.

— Hayoung

Celebrate Hayoung’s new solo debut by checking out her MV for “Don’t Make Me Laugh”!

Source: Xports News
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