Apink’s Hayoung dishes on Eunji’s personality and habit when she’s drinking

Apink member Eunji‘s drinking habits and personality was revealed on the recent episode of KBS 2TV‘s Hello Counselor aired on July 27th.

Both members Hayoung and Eunji made a guest appearance on the episode, where during a segment, a woman complained about her husband urinating on the floor of their house whenever he gets drunk.

When asked whether she had any habits while drinking, Eunji denied having any but fellow group member Hayoung said otherwise, revealing, “Unnie kisses other people when she drinks.”

This caused MC Lee Young Ja to look towards MC Jung Chan Woo and said, “Jung Chan Woo is the same. He’ll kiss anybody,” to which he quickly retorted, “I fixed that habit before I came on ‘Hello Counselor.’

Source: Newsen