Apink’s Namjoo turns 21!

On April 15, 2015, Apink celebrated member Kim Namjoo‘s 21st birthday via Twitter!

The girl group released three photos from their surprise birthday party for Namjoo, who turns 21 this year. Although logically, she should be 20 years old, in Korea, one is considered “1 year old” from the moment one exits the womb.

Via Naeun, one of the photos shows Namjoo in the dark with her face barely visible by the candlelight, seemingly moved by the members’ congratulations. The caption reads: “[#Naeun] A sincere happy 21st birthday to Namjoo!!! It was just a simple birthday party amongst us but truly, Happy Birthday Namjoo ^^ Have a happy birthday and I really hope our wish that we made before you blew out the candles will come true ^^.”

Hayoung, the youngest member, also tweeted: “[#Hayoung] Namjoo jjang! Hehe as soon as it turned 12am, we threw a birthday party for you! All day Namjoo unnie was happier than anyone else! Wishing you to be filled with joy! I love you!”

Lastly, the leader of the group, Chorong, also tweeted: “[#Chorong] Our Namjoo is already 21… To the Namjoo that I’m expectant of so many things in the future! Sincerely Happy Birthday ^^.”

The group will prepare for their live comeback at Korea Music Festival in Los Angeles and will release their Japanese version of “LUV” next month in May.

Happy 21st birthday, Namjoo!