APRIL’s Chaewon And Jinsol Update Fans On Their Well-Being For The First Time Since Their Controversy

This is their first appearance in 9 months.

It has been 9 months since we last heard from any of the APRIL members, but the wait may be over. Members Chaewon and Jinsol recently sat down for a YouTube live and updated their fans while chatting about their current well-beings.

APRIL’s Chaewon (left) and Jinsol (right) | @Honey챈/YouTube

On November 15, the two APRIL members chatted with their fans for almost an hour long on Chaewon’s YouTube channel, Honey챈. It was during their live session that the two girl group members shared what they have been up to during their 9-month long hiatus.

Chaewon shared that she’s been “doing well,” as she let fans know that she has been spending her time “eating and sleeping.” Jinsol, on the other hand, revealed that during her break, she has been “singing a lot.” 

| @Honey챈/YouTube

Chaewon: “I’ve been doing well. I’ve just been eating and sleeping these days.”
Jinsol: “During my time off, I have been singing a lot. I spent my time singing.”

The two APRIL ladies also touched on their physical health, as a netizen commented on the two’s noticeably slimmer faces.

Jinsol: “I did lose some weight. Since I lost weight, I decided to exercise more diligently.”
Chaewon: “I have been going on walks more frequently.”

Jinsol and Chaewon then shared that all the other APRIL members are also “doing well.”

| @Honey챈/YouTube

They’re all doing well. I think if they were asked the same questions as us, they would have responded in the same way. They’re eating well and sleeping well.

— Chaewon

Netizens who were tuned into the YouTube live continued to comment and ask about the APRIL members’ well-beings due to their former bullying controversy. Previously, the girl group was accused of bullying former member Lee Hyunjoo by an anonymous netizen claiming to be her brother.

Former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo.

The accusations were made back in February 2021, which ignited an explosive back and forth between the APRIL members, APRIL’s agency DSP Media, and Lee Hyunjoo. As more alleged details continued to be revealed, the Korean public turned their backs on APRIL, resulting in their forced hiatus.

It’s been 9 months since the public had last heard from any of the APRIL members—until now.

APRIL, Lee Hyunjoo (center) | DSP Media

You can watch Chaewon and Jinsol’s entire YouTube live video down below.

Source: WikiTree