ARMY Can’t Get Over How Happy And Serene BTS Looked At The Airport

They were all smiling from ear to ear.

BTS have returned to Korea following the Hong Kong leg of their Love Yourself world tour. It was a rare occasion where the group wasn’t swarmed with fans upon arrival and the peacefulness the group felt as a result showed on their faces.

Many ARMYs also suspect that their new album, Map of the Soul: Persona, is so good that the group is riding a wave of happiness as a result of their hard work.

It’s well-known that Korean journalists and media have a lot of respect for BTS and BTS also respect the press a lot as well which led to some heartwarming interactions in the airport. Like V giving a thumbs up to a reporter while smiling.

or Jimin’s wry smile as the group went to their car.

ARMY is incredibly happy that BTS looks well-rested and happy ahead of their album release. You can watch their full arrival back in Korea here: