ARMYs Are Crying Over A Video Showing BTS’s Jungkook Carrying A Little Boy

From Vampire Jungkook to Daddy Jungkook real quick!

ARMYs are once again in a chaotic mess over a video snippet showing BTS Jungkook carrying a little boy, who turned out to be Director Lumpens‘ son. The snippet was lifted from BTS Memories 2021, showing how Jungkook was all smiles carrying the child with his arms around Jungkook’s neck and was so comfortable with him.

Jungkook also had a cute conversation with the little boy about his dad and him. The little boy’s response was endearing and smart; he pleased Jungkook with his answer.

In another snippet, Jungkook was twirling with the little boy in his arms. He knew how to play with children and was aware of what children wanted. Jungkook and the little boy looked like they were having a lot of fun.

The snippets triggered many responses with “Daddy Jungkook” in their tweets. Is this yet another new nickname for him?

Jungkook has always been known to love kids and interacted well with them. Who can forget his interaction with child actress Koo Sarang, the daughter of Yoshihiro Akiyama (also known as Choo Sung Hoon), the Japanese mixed martial artist who requested to spar with Jungkook after watching his boxing video?

Here’s Jungkook sparring with Sarang’s father.

There’s also that cute toddler Jungkook interacted with when he was in Malta with the other members for Bon Voyage 3. The little boy got shy after Jungkook shook his hand.

Remember the little boy and girl Jungkook hugged when they performed idol in Good Morning America?

| emilyxinfinity/Twitter

| emilyxinfinity/Twitter

From these snippets, ARMYs have concluded that Jungkook will be a good dad someday.