ARMYs Catch Jungkook’s Newest Tattoo In The Latest “BANGTAN BOMB”

The maknae adds another one to the growing collection.

Nothing gets by ARMYs unnoticed, and Jungkook stans spotted with an eagle’s eye his newest tattoo in the latest BANGTAN BOMB.


For a brief moment at 1:51 in the video, the maknae of the group raised his right arm, and revealed his tattooed arm.

Jungkook stans immediately took to Twitter to point out the tattoos, and voiced their opinions about it.

Twitter user @jjklve loved it so much, and made a close up clip of it so fans can zoom in on the design.

There were later moments where fans caught additional glimpses of the tattoo like this one where he’s fidgeting…


…and this one, where he’s clapping ever so adorably.


Dedicated Jungkook stans will remember that the hashtag #JeonJungkookTattoo trended on K-Twitter back in May 2020. His latest addition appears to build on the rising number of tattoos engraved onto his body.

| Dispatch

Although we only got a sneak peek, with “Dynamite” trending worldwide and taking BTS to unprecedented heights, it won’t be long before he blesses us with the full view.