ARMYs Shook After Discovering A Clip Of BTS Jin Predicting ‘Hobipalooza’ Years Ago

So it’s not just Suga who can see the future? Cool.

On July 31, BTS J-Hope became the first ever South Korean musician to headline a major U.S. festival with Lollapalooza. When the news dropped that he will be headlining the festival’s 4th day, fans were busy discussing how no one saw this move coming. But that might have been the truth.

Turns out, Jin had predicted this event a few years ago! To be specific, back in 2017, during an interview with 102.7 KIIS FM, the host asked BTS how they would reward their fans if they reached 15 million followers on Twitter. To this, Jin answered that J-Hope will go to the U.S. and do a solo concert if that happened!

Naturally, ARMYs were dumbfounded to see how once again, things came together to make BTS’s dreams come true. Some went back to old ‘conspiracy theories’ in the fandom to try and explain how this all happened.

The reason why the host asked that question in the first place was that J-Hope had previously promised ARMYs that he will show them his abs if they reach 10 million followers on VLIVE.

Although he had to walk back on this promise, Jin basically manifested the next one into reality. Although you could argue that he is 31 million followers late (since BTS have now 46 million+ followers on Twitter now), the performance J-Hope delivered at Lollapalooza definitely makes up for it all!