ARMYs Are Touched By BTS RM’s Heartfelt Message During Day 1 Of Finale Concert

BTS’s RM shows his genuine gratitude towards ARMYs.

BTS has started the finale for their LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF world tour with three final concerts in Seoul. The shows will be at the Seoul Olympic Stadium from October 26, 27, and 29.


On October 26, fans all over the world were able to enjoy the concert in real-time as the show aired live through an online live broadcast.

The group did not disappoint as they performed popular songs wearing cool outfits along with VCR transition videos.




The highlight, however, was at the end of the show, when members took turns talking with ARMYs about their final thoughts of the concert.

Leader RM’s message had ARMYs hearts melting as he thanked them for their never-ending support.


“How are you all? I’m doing fine too. I’m asking how you guys are because I’ve wanted to ask you all that. You know how we usually ask how one’s doing between friends and in general. But I didn’t always like the phrase ‘how are you.’ I don’t know why I didn’t like it so much. There’s always going to be something going on, and I didn’t understand why people asked that.”


He continued to explain why he changed his mind.


“But one day, suddenly, I had a realization. It’s because we are people that we can exchange comments like that. We say happy New Year’s when it’s a new year and say we are well if we are well. So when I ask if you are well, and all of you ask me if I’m doing well, and we answer, ‘I am well,’ it’s not because we have nothing going on and that we aren’t having a hard time.”



“We are still just the same. I’m doing well, like always. Things that hurt me will still hurt; words that hurt me will also still hurt. However, it’s because of all of you that I can say that I am doing well. Don’t ever forget that you all are the ones that allow all 7 of us always to be well. And let’s all be above all the hate and all the things that are not in our control. Let’s stay well, ok?”


Take a look at all the member’s ending messages below!


Fans are excited for day two of the finale concert, which will be held on October 27.

Source: nate pann