Asian doctor dragged unconscious and bloody off the plane for refusing to give up his seat

The man said he had patients to attend to the next day but police forcibly removed him from the plane anyway, knocking him unconscious in the process.

On a United Airlines flight from Chicago, Illinois to Louisville, Kentucky, United workers at the gate realized that the flight was overbooked (more passengers checked-in than seats). This is not an uncommon occurrence and the airline generally gives out ticket vouchers worth anywhere between $300-$1000 to passengers who are willing to wait for the next flight.

United requested that 4 passengers volunteer themselves to be bumped to a later flight as 4 of the company employees needed to arrive in Louisville the same day. No passengers agreed to give up their seat, so United them moved to a random lottery system.

An Asian man, who mentioned that he was a doctor, said that he could not afford to be moved to the next flight, citing that he had patients to attend to in Louisville the next day.

After his refusal to exit the plane, police entered and forcibly removed him by dragging him out of his seat, causing his head to hit the armrest across the aisle.

This impact knocked him out and police could be seen dragging him out by the arms with a bloody nose, making no commotion compared to his screams of fear moments earlier.

After some time, the same man could be seen back on the plane, running back to try and find his seat while repeatedly saying “I have to go home”.

United Airlines responded to some of the initial press in the following tweet:

Before releasing the following statement regarding the incident.


Source: Washington Post