Popular ASMR YouTuber Stirs Controversy After Using Sex Toys On An All-Ages Channel

She has shared other “strange” ASMR content in the past.

Of all the content available on the internet, ASMR content seems to be the most diverse and interesting. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, aka that tingly feeling you get when watching content like the clip below.


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Many content creators have capitalized on the trendy content, with Mnet even creating ASMR content with K-Pop idols.

Recently, a popular Korean ASMR channel gained attention from netizens, but for all the wrong reasons.

YouTube channel rappeler하쁠리 has over 1.19 million followers and has a variety of different ASMR-based content. 

Her latest video shows her opening and playing with several egg-shaped items that initially do not seem to be cause for any alarm. However, upon closer inspection, one will realize the items are actually sex toys.

According to the TENGA website, these are disposable masturbators for those with a penis.

Not only does the YouTuber open the eggs, but she pours the included lubricant into them and proceeds to squish them around. She even shoves several of her fingers into one at one point.


As you can imagine, the reactions to the clip have not been great. On an online forum post, netizens had overwhelmingly negative feelings about the video, mentioning how her account is meant for all ages.

| theqoo
  • But those are tiny. How is it supposed to fit? Does it stretch?
  • If this is indeed an all-age appropriate video, would you be OK with a 1st grader watching it? Would you be able to answer if your child asked you what the eggs are for? Please stop pretending like you’re all so woke.
  • I don’t understand how she thought it’d be acceptable to shoot a video using a sex toy and then post it for all ages. So, what? As long as it “sounds good,” it’s OK for ASMR YouTubers to wank off a lubed dildo? For all ages to watch?
  • The world’s gone crazy.
  • This should have been age restricted. How does it make sense for this video to be public to all ages?406. Yeah, I’ll believe you all if you can play with those eggs in front of your parents at Chuseok time. If you all can play this video on the big screen while having Thanksgiving dinner, then OK.
  • I don’t think it’s all that terrible, as long as there’s an age restriction on it.
  • It wouldn’t have become such a controversy had she uploaded the video with an age restriction… A lot of kids watch ASMR videos, though.
  • Why would anyone make an ASMR video out of sex toys…? Even if she didn’t use it in a sexual way… This could be offensive to people who come across the video, unaware of what’s happening.
  • There’s “sex” in the word sex toy. Does she not know what that implies?
  • People who are defending her say, “Masturbation is normal.” So then, it would be OK for her to use a dildo in her videos, too. Right? Even though her channel is public to kindergarteners and elementary school-aged kids?
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