Take A Walk Down Memory Lane With ASTRO In Their “100SEC Choreography” Video

They keep getting better!

ASTRO take on their old choreographies in this new video!

| @ASTRO_Staff/Twitter

In their video for the “100SEC Choreography” series with Dingo Music, the group performed parts of four of their older songs: “Breathless” (2016), “Baby” and “Crazy Sexy Cool” (2017), and “All Night” (2019)!

ASTRO in 2017. | Fantagio Entertainment

Take a look at these comparisons to see how much they’ve grown since then!

ASTRO dancing to “Breathless” in 2016. | ASTRO/YouTube

They can still execute that jump perfectly 5 years later!

ASTRO dancing to “Breathless” in 2021. | dingo music/YouTube

Their 2017 hit “Baby” is fun and energetic, all the way down to the dance moves!

“Baby” in 2017. | ASTRO/YouTube

The refreshing choreography is truly timeless.

“Baby” in 2021. | dingo music/YouTube

“Crazy Sexy Cool” was “Baby”‘s successor, and the choreography does a great job of continuing on that fun, carefree path.

“Crazy Sexy Cool” in 2017. | M2/YouTube

Their moves have only gotten better with time!

“Crazy Sexy Cool” in 2021. | dingo music/YouTube

2019’s “All Night” saw ASTRO veering towards more mature concepts! We loved it then…

“All Night” in 2019. | ASTRO/YouTube

…And we absolutely love it now!

“All Night” in 2021. | dingo music/YouTube

Watching ASTRO perform their old songs in 2021 definitely made their fans, AROHA, proud to see how much they’ve grown in their past 5 years as a group. If you’d like to see them take on their old choreographies, check out their “100SEC Choreography” video below!

Source: YouTube