ATEEZ Has The Cutest Advice For Anyone Who Can’t Handle Spicy Korean Food

If you can’t tolerate Korean Fire Noodles, this is for you

ATEEZ performed in Los Angeles recently as part of the lineup for KCON 2019 LA where the rookie group was invited by The Ellen Show to teach hilarious food critic Kalen Allen all about Korean cuisine.

While Kalen had not had much experience with Korean food, fortunately ATEEZ was there to show him some of the basics.

Leader Hongjoong was incredibly encouraging when teaching Kalen to use chopsticks for the first time. He even told Kalen that he uses his chopsticks better than he does!

Kalen enjoyed trying out Korean food, particularly with Bossam pork with soybean paste.

Kalen surprised Hongjoong when he revealed that a lot of Americans don’t know how to season their food.

The host praised how it was seasoned well and that he can’t stomach anything that didn’t have any flavor.

It looks like the show took Kalen up on his offer, because the next dish was revealed to be the infamous Korean Fire Noodles.

Eating Korean Fire Noodles has been described as a brutal challenge, even for those who enjoy spicy food.

The ATEEZ members warned the clueless Kalen that these noodles were a “Danger Food”.

Being a bit nervous, Kalen listened as member San gave him three steps on how to handle such spicy food.

The first is to “Grab Your Heart” because you will need a lot of willpower to get through this.

The second is to “Eat” the spicy food once you are ready.

And the third and most important step is to “Drink some water” once you are done.

At first, Kalen pretended that his first bite wasn’t that spicy, and he didn’t even need to follow the third step of “Drink some water”.

When Kalen kept on eating, the ATEEZ members realised that he had met his match with how much spice these noodles actually had.

Eventually, when Kalen couldn’t take anymore, San handed him the water bottle, saying it’s okay.

It looks like there is also a Step Four of “Drink milk if you still can’t handle the spice”, as the members burst out laughing as Kalen drank a whole glass in one go.

With Kalen gaining some new cultural insight, he revealed that he specially baked the ATEEZ members an American dessert of peach cobbler.

The ATEEZ members commented that they really enjoyed the dessert, ending the collaboration on a high note.

So according to ATEEZ, as long as you grab you heart and have some water and milk ready, you will definitely be able to power through any spicy Korean meal.

Even if you don’t normally season your food.

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