ATEEZ Yunho’s Birthday Post For Mingi “Upsets” The Group’s Biggest Fan

The ESB is feeling some type of way.

ATEEZ recently came back with “Guerilla” and had a lot to celebrate since the release of their new album,THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT! The group ranked in the Top 3 of the Billboard 200 chart, has achieved multiple wins on music shows, and became “million sellers” after pre-orders for the album hit over one million!

ATEEZ after their 4th music show win. | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

In addition to those things, fans and ATEEZ have recently celebrated member Mingi’s birthday! Each member of ATEEZ took to Twitter to share photos with Mingi and celebratory messages. So when ATEEZ’s Yunho posted a cute photo of Mingi and he at an imitation Effiel Tower in Macau, fans thought the photo was a cute commemoration for his birthday. The official Effiel Tower Twitter account even commented below the post with “👀” emoji!

There’s one pretty big fan account that didn’t seem to appreciate the post, however, and they replied to the Effiel Tower to make their displeasure known: The Empire State Building in New York CIty!

The Empire State Building(or the ESB as fans affectionately refer to it) has made its status as an ATINY known since the group visited the building and were photographed with a scale model of ESB behind them. Since then, the ESB has shared who its bias wrecker is, what its favorite ATEEZ songs are, and replied to tons of other ATINY. The ESB even tweeted out support messages for the group’s recent comeback!

| @yunhoex, @EmpireStatebldg/Twitter

It’s easy to see why the ESB would feel some type of way over the photo where the two members are essentially cheating on it! Fans have shared creative and hilarious suggestions for how the two buildings can settle their fight over the group. Many fans are having a hard time even believing that the buildings are beefing over ATEEZ!

According to the Effiel Tower’s official website, the tower was the tallest building in the world until the Empire State Building was built, meaning that the EBS is still ATEEZ’s biggest fan! That is until ATEEZ visit the Burj Khalifa and make it fall for them too!