B.A.P celebrate their 3rd debut anniversary; leaves heartfelt messages to fans

Male group B.A.P is celebrating their 3rd debut anniversary, taking the time to thank fans on their respective SNS accounts for this milestone.

B.A.P made their debut under TS Entertainment on January 26, 2012, releasing their single and title track “Warrior” and finally making their hot debut on television via KBS Music Bank the next day. Since then, the group has unveiled their unique teamwork and personality through a variety of tracks including “Power,” “No Mercy,” “One Shot,” “Bad Man,” “Crash,” 1004 (Angel),” and many more.

Taking this special day to celebrate with fans, the members of B.A.P took the time to greet their fans on Twitter and Instagram, celebrating altogether this special milestone of three years together.

Celebrating Youngjae’s birthday on January 24th, the group celebrated their anniversary as well. Youngjae wrote on his birthday, “I am the happiest person in the world. Let’s take a picture together next time, at our concert Right?” and shared a group photo of all six members as Youngjae holds a lit birthday cake.

Similarly, Daehyun shared the same photo, writing, “B.A.P 3 years & Youngjae’s birthday. I’m sorry for my heart, but it’s for baby.”

On January 26th, Himchan writes on his Twitter account, “Thank you to all those who celebrated. It’s been three years since I had yellow hair, three years filled with happiness and smiles. Although there are other things, don’t worry about it. We are here,” and uploaded a group photo with the members in casual wear as they soak in the sun, walking down the street.

Leader Bang Yong Guk tweets a simple message, posting, “I miss you, I hope you’re doing well,” while Jongup simply writes, “Thank you everyone.”

Similarly, Zelo writes, “I am always thankful to our BABYs and will express it more from now on. Maybe because I usually see your pretty expressions, today on our third anniversary, I couldn’t see any of it. This is a problem heuheuheu.”

Finally, Daehyun even shares a billboard ad created by a fan, and reveals his mother had even seen it. He writes, “Mom said: ‘Have you seen this?’ Thank you, my mom was impressed heu heu but I’m at home right now…ㅠ Thank you very much baby!” The photo accompanied with the tweet revealed a message from “Busan Boy” congratulating Daehyun on his third year since his debut, and with hopes that they will continue on in the year 2015 with BABYs.

Currently, B.A.P is in the middle of a lawsuit with their agency, TS Entertainment, filing for a termination of their contract in November due to unfair conditions and payment.