B1A4’s Jinyoung sends a love call to TWICE and GFRIEND

Jinyoung may be known for composing songs for B1A4, but it seems like he is ready to start working with other artists as well. 

On December 6th, B1A4 appeared as guests on the radio program, Tei’s Dream Radio. During the broadcast, the members recalled Jinyoung’s work as a composer for most of their album releases. For example, B1A4’s latest album Good Timing was an album mainly comprised of their own songs. Jinyoung also composed and produced their title track, “Lie.”

When asked about the group he wants to compose a track for, Jinyoung answered TWICE and GFRIEND.” He explained, “I want to try a different style. I would like to work with these two groups if I have a chance.” 

It will not be the first time that Jinyoung will collaborate with a girl group should he gets his wish with TWICE and GFRIEND.  Earlier this year, Jinyoung was recognized for his work with I.O.I on Mnet’s Produce 101. 

Listen to Jinyoung’s track “At The Same Place” performed on Produce 101. 

Source: Dispatch