OST Queen Baek Ji Young Confesses That She Made Over $8 Million Dollars From One Song

Can you guess which song it is?

Baek Ji Young is making headlines for revealing the shocking amount of money she made from one of her songs.

Singer Baek Ji Young | Yonhap News

The singer recently appeared on Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 as the special host of the show’s broadcast. Singer Lee Ji Hye, who is famously known to be one of Baek Ji Young’s closest friends also made an appearance on this episode. While the two share an incredibly close friendship with one another, the two confessed that there are still some topics they don’t discuss with one another.

Baek Ji Young (left), Lee Ji Hye (right) | SBS

When I ask Lee Ji Hye something, she answers everything to the point where I wonder, ‘should she think about the answer before responding.’ However, I asked her how much money she made on YouTube recently, but she didn’t answer that question.

— Baek Ji Young

To her friend’s comment, Lee Ji Hye responded that while she has no problem answering how much she made from YouTube, she just felt small in comparison to the OST queen.

Still from “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2” | SBS

Honestly, I can tell her how much I make. But Baek Ji Young-sshi is a woman who makes ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $8.92 million USD) from one OST (soundtrack) so no matter how much I make, it will seem small. It was because I was embarrassed.

— Lee Ji Hye

Lee Ji Hye was referring to Baek Ji Young’s previous confession when she made a guest appearance on Video Star back in January of this year. During her time on the show, Baek Ji Young revealed that her hit OST song, “Don’t Forget Me” from IRIS garnered her a whopping ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $8.92 million USD). The singer also shared during her time on the talk show that “The OST, ‘That Woman’ from SBS’s ‘Secret Garden’ also did very well, but the money I made from ‘Don’t Forget Me’ can’t be beat.”

Baek Ji Young singing “Don’t Forget Me” | KBS

Baek Ji Young is famous for her beautiful voice and her ability to deliver her songs with endless emotions. The veteran singer has earned herself the title of “OST Queen” in South Korea due to her numerous soundtrack hits to different K-movies and K-dramas. The singer has dozens of hits under her belt, such as “Like Being Hit By A Bullet”, “That Woman” from Secret Garden, “See You Again” from Mr. Sunshine and more, but it looks like “Don’t Forget Me” from the Korean drama, IRIS has remained number one.

Source: Insight