Baekhyun Apologizes For His Insensitive Comments About Depression

“I want to apologize to that fan who must’ve gotten hurt by my words.”

EXO‘s Baekhyun has received criticism after making comments about a fan’s depression.

When a fan came up to him during a fansign and revealed to him that she was taking medication for her depression, he suggested her to stop taking medication and find a healthier solution.

EXO Baekhyun’s Comment About Depression Sparks Controversy

However, depression is actually a clinical diagnosis, where the chemical imbalance of the brain causes the illness. People who read what he had told her were extremely upset that he would advise her to stop taking medication and criticized him for being both insensitive and potentially dangerous. However, the fan emphasized that Baekhyun meant no harm and is actually a big source of her strength in fighting her depression.

But in response to the criticism he’s received, Baekhyun posted an apology letter on his Instagram account. In his apology, Baekhyun explained that was not prepared to address the issue and very regretful of the words he used.

“Hello, this is Baekhyun. Due to a controversy that happened during a past event on December 30 – I have written this letter as an apology.

Honestly, these days I have been very terrified and in a very delicate state of mind regarding depressions. During the event, I talked a lot with that fan and I became increasingly worried and scared. I wanted to make that fan happy but that fan kept talking about very dark, sad things. I felt a certain danger from her words and I thought that I would never be able to see her again after this fan event.

I wanted to give a word of advice, something that could help her that instant. I wanted to cheer for her and help her in this time of need. I wanted to act fast and help her.

After finishing the talk with her, I kept thinking about her for the remaining time at the fan event. I was deep in thought about our conversation earlier. That fan was depressed and in a troubled state and she also looked very sad among the other fans as well. So I decided to say a few words and I for a lack of better judgement said some wrongful words. I could not organize my feelings into words in that short amount of time.

I did not have anything prepared to organize my thoughts. I brought out those words with no experience or thought. I am very regretful for the choice of words I decided during that day. All I ever wanted was to become a source of strength with those words..

Even after writing this letter, I am scared that there might be some errors in this letter. However, I just want to say that I am sorry. I want to apologize to that fan who must’ve gotten hurt by my words. I will become a Baekhyun who thinks about his words and thinks about his actions more preciously.”

– Baekhyun

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