BTS Will Never Release An English Album For 1 Reason

Big Hit Entertainment’s producer Bang Si Hyuk revealed why an English album is not in BTS’s near future.

Bang PD said that their recent American activities were not a one-time thing. They have more in store!

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However, BTS won’t be releasing songs in English.

“It’s not our goal for BTS to enter the American market and release an English song.”

— Bang Si Hyuk

Source: Billboard

He believes that changing their songs into 100% English is similar to breaking away from K-Pop.

“I think it goes against K-Pop to teach K-Pop artists English and sign on with an American company.”

— Bang Si Hyuk

Source: Billboard

In fact, he’s confident that fans don’t want an English album anyway. They love BTS’s music the way it is!

“We trust the fans who love us.

Among the many reasons why they like BTS, they don’t require BTS to use English.”

— Bang Si Hyuk

Bang Si Hyuk also stated that they’re in talks with American managers about how to continue on BTS’s unique success.

“We are working with American managers in order to prove that BTS’ success is not a one-off case.”

— Bang Si Hyuk

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While the Top Social Artist win at the Billboard Music Awards “confirmed the power of A.R.M.Y. all over the world“, Bang PD explained that the AMAs performance improved their public recognition.

BTS Was The #1 Google Search After AMAs Performance

Bang PD hopes that this will be an opportunity to show the world just how fresh and dynamic K-Pop really is.

BTS will be welcoming even more A.R.M.Y from around the world through their own unique way – through Korean!

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