BTS’s Jungkook Discovers The Joys Of Swirling Ice Cream, And He Can’t Get Enough

His reactions are the cutest 🥺

BTS‘s Jungkook loves him some ice cream, but he seems to enjoy something else a bit more—swirling it himself!

In a recent “BANGTAN BOMB,” Jungkook was introduced to the wonders of personally swirling ice cream. The “Dynamite” set had a machine that they could use themselves, and Jungkook made the most out of it.

He looked all serious as he swirled the ice cream for the first time.

After assessing the finished output, he proudly told someone off-screen, “Oh, look at this!

He quickly went back for Round 2 and laughed as he looked at the drooping peak.

He shared some ice cream with his members and stood alone as he enjoyed his own share. Furrowing his brows, he couldn’t believe how delicious it was!

Wow, it’s so good!

— Jungkook

He once again approached the machine and started swirling…

…only for V to hilariously take it from him!

Of course, that didn’t deter him. He immediately went back for one last shot, this time aiming for a large size.

The moment he finished, his eyes widened in surprise. He probably didn’t expect the size!

Watch Jungkook keep returning for more in the full video below.