BEAST and Jang Hyunseung’s contracts with Cube Entertainment set to expire in October

Cube Entertainment is facing anther situation as their exclusive contract with the 5 members of BEAST and Jang Hyunseung are set to expire this October.

Officials told OSEN on April 20th, “BEAST and Jang Hyunseung, all six members’ contracts are set to expire at the end of October,” adding that they are discussing the possibility of renewal. However, one of the obstacles that each of them must face is their impending mandatory 2-year military service.

Meanwhile, Hyunseung was recently announced to have officially withdrawn from BEAST, leaving them to reorganized as a 5-member group, to focus on his career as a solo artist. Additionally, BEAST is already confirmed to be releasing a new album sometime this year as well as a solo release from member Junhyung.

Source: OSEN