BEAST Reveals They Are No Longer In Contact With Former Member Jang Hyunseung

With the release of their third album HIGHLIGHT, BEAST‘s promotions for it has started in earnest where in a recent interview, they revealed their current status with former member Jang Hyunseung.

The group recently conducted several interviews with the media, standing together as a five-member group for the first time following the leave of member Jang Hyunseung in April. The two parties had parted due to creative differences with Jang Hyunseung preferring more intense and strong-like music similar to his solos and Troublemaker music releases.

During the group’s interview with Sports Today, BEAST revealed their uneasiness of promoting as a 5-member group as Jang Hyunseung’s presence was fairly large. However, the group revealed they have put 100% into their 5-member group comeback in order to fill that presence as best they can with the help of their staff.

In regards to keeping in contact with Jang Hyunseung, they confessed to have not kept in contact with him ever since he officially left, but added, “We wish him the best,” encouraging fans to continue to support him in his future endeavors.

Meanwhile, BEAST’s group release has proven to be successful as they achieved an all-kill status for their track “Butterfly.”

Source: Sports Today