[★TRENDING] BEAST’s bodyguard faints while protecting them at the airport

On May 29th, BEAST traveled to Hong Kong in preparation for their concert the next day. At the airport, they were greeted by over 100 fans who were excited to see them.

As the members left the restricted area, they were immediately surrounded by fans. Although they were protected by bodyguards, fans were still able to get close to them, making it very difficult for the members to walk to their vehicle.

Despite this, member Dongwoon still kept a smile on his face and greeted the fans, while Junhyung waved to them before getting into the car.

After BEAST successfully left the airport, a bodyguard on duty was captured unconsciously lying on the ground. It was speculated that he fainted due to a combination of the crowd pushing and the high temperature in Hong Kong, as there was a “Very Hot Weather” warning during that time. Fortunately, he woke up and appeared to be fine after a short while.

Source: FACE Pop and on.cc