BTS’s J-Hope And J. Cole Showcase Chemistry In HD Behind-The-Scenes Photos From “On The Street” MV

J-Hope is literally the most successful fanboy!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently collaborated with his idol, American music artist J. Cole, on his new single “on the street,” exciting ARMYs. Now, BIGHIT MUSIC has released behind-the-scenes photos from filming the MV, showcasing the musicians’ chemistry.

The first set of photos captured J-Hope literally on the street in New York City. He filmed at Chinatown’s Cortlandt Alley.


This alley is not only used in many films and television shows, but J. Cole himself filmed his “Simba” MV here.

He also showed off his dance skills…

…before heading to the next location.

A lot of the MV was filmed at Bowery Station, the BMT Nassau Street Line of the New York City Subway. This is where the J Train passes through.

Finally, J-Hope met up. Some speculate that the location was the rooftop of Seret Studios in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood.

J. Cole (left) and J-Hope (right)

The behind-the-scenes photos show J-Hope and J. Cole hugging and also conversing on the rooftop.

Despite knowing each other briefly, they showcased great chemistry and appeared like friends.

This moment from the MV also is significant to show that J-Hope ascended from the bottom, even traveling areas J. Cole once was, to reach the top alongside his idol.

This is surely a legendary collaboration!

Source: Weverse

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