Berry Good’s Daye Accused Of School Bullying And Sexual Harrassment

“She even humiliated me by touching my breasts.”

Berry Good‘s Daye has been accused of school bullying by a netizen who claimed to be one of her many victims.


On May 28th, the netizen shared a post through an online community, exposing Daye’s alleged past bullying:

I am a victim of school violence by ‘Kim Hyeon Jeong’, who is currently promoting as Berry Good’s ‘Daye’. At the time, I was 13 years and and was in 6th grade of elementary school. Kim Hyeon Jeong not only bullied me, but bullied other friends as well. She also humiliated me with sexual remarks in addition to physical violence.

Due to the one reason that I was close with the boy she liked, she began bullying me starting from the following day. She tripped me when I was alone and giggled after hitting me on the back of the head during class. She also swept my head with a broom, pulled my bra strap and encouraged her guy friends to join and even humiliated me by touching my breasts.

Her two-sidedness and the way she smiles in front of fans on TV gives me the chills. There are many victims who were bullied by her and I was also very hurt and still think of it to this day. I hope her past is not forgotten and that everyone reads this.

ㅡ Netizen


After the post began spreading, Daye’s agency released an official statement on May 28 denying all accusations relating to school bullying.

We clarify that speculations about Daye’s school violence that have been spreading through online communites are malicious rumors and are not true. She has never done such things and our agency intends to take strict legal action for defamation of character against posts relating to school violence uploaded under nicknames online.

ㅡ JTG Entertainment


In response to the agency’s statement, the netizens shared another post listing more details to back up her claims.

I saw the article denying my claims. I don’t know what you’re thinking denying this. I didn’t tell my family because of my pride until now but the day you came to my house with 2 other friends and made me kneel. The day I told my younger sibling to tell you I went to go study because I was scared. You went to the same study room as me so you called the teacher and asked if I was there. When the teacher said I wasn’t, you told my younger sibling to bring me out. So I came out and you hit me on the head, made me kneel and recorded it on your pink Cookie phone. My younger sibling saw this on the way to hagwon and you said not to tell my mother but my sibling told.

So that day, my mother got mad and called you saying, ‘I’m telling your parents.’ You told my mom that you’re sorry and you won’t do it again. If you don’t remember, should I provide more details?? I lived across from you and you came to my house and I kneeled in the hallway of our home’s staircase. You still don’t remember? It’s not true?

ㅡ Netizen


Daye has yet to respond to the netizen’s counter-response.

Source: TV Report