Big Hit Entertainment Reveals 2018 Revenue And Record-Breaking Achievements

They achieved record figures in 2018.

On March 19, Big Hit Entertainment revealed their 2018 audit report and announced their extraordinary business achievements for the year.

According to the revealed data, Big Hit’s revenue for 2018 added up to 214.2 billion won ($189.5 million USD) with operating profits of 64.1 billion won ($56.7 million USD) and a net profit of 50.2 billion won ($44.4 million USD). Compared to the previous year, revenue increased by 132%, operating profit by 97% and net profit by 105%.


In addition, the company sold a total of 5.15 million albums (Gaon Chart standard) including BTS‘ “Love Yourself: Tear” and “Love Yourself: Answer”, and attracted 810,000 people through BTS’ “Love Yourself” tour. Amid solid growth in all business areas, they’ve experienced rapid growth in album sales, contents, merchandise and video publication.


An affiliate of Big Hit Entertainment commented on BTS’ influence on Big Hit’s immense growth.

Following 2017, BTS’ record-breaking achievements have led to the expansion of business division as well as the greatest achievements in turnover and rate of return in 2018. We have made an important achievement in discovering new business units and will consistently seek organizational change and improvement for the innovation of business models in the music industry.

ㅡ Bit Hit Entertainment affiliate