Big Hit Entertainment Is Preparing A Super-Company, Planning To Acquire Source Music And A Third Large Agency

A new super-company is in the works.

Big Hit Entertainment, currently home to only 3 artists in BTS, TXT, and Lee Hyun, is reportedly preparing to become a super-company. They are discussing several merger and acquisitions to increase the value and power of their agency.

One agency Big Hit Entertainment is in discussions with for a merger and acquisition is Source Music, home to GFRIEND and many trainees. It is well known that the CEO’s of Big Hit Entertainment, Bang Si Hyuk, and Source Music, So Sung Jin, are very close.

The close relationship between Big Hit and Source Music is well known in the music industry. I think they should combine their agencies to maximize the synergy between the two, beyond just simple friendly relations.

— Insider

The insider also pointed out the close relationship between Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music shows through the plan that Source Music will also move into the new Big Hit Entertainment building in Yongsan in 2020.

I understand that Source Music is moving into the Big Hit building in Yongsan. Even the number of floors where Source Music will be located is being discussed in detail.

— Insider

Big Hit Entertainment also has merger and acquisition prospects on one another large, famous agency.

It is true that a merger and acquisition is being discussed in-depth between Big Hit and a large agency. The terms of the merger and acquisition have not yet been revealed, but I expects the results to come out soon as both of the parties involved are looking at the situation very positively.

— Insider

According to the same official, the large agency that is in discussions with Big Hit Entertainment has been receiving many love calls from famous agencies about a potential merger and acquisitions with them, which means there is some competition.

Months ago, a report was released about how Big Hit Entertainment was planning to acquire both Source Music and another agency that has been active longer than Big Hit themselves. Speculation arose that the third agency could be either RBW Entertainment or JYP Entertainment.

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Also, it is very well known among fans that several GFRIEND members were trainees under Big Hit Entertainment until the company changed their policy to only include males, with the female trainees either leaving or transferring over to Source Music.

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No matter which agency ends up joining Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music, K-Pop is sure to have a new “Big 3” in the near future.

Source: Newsen