BIGBANG Announces They Will Be Continuing Activities With 4 Members

The members of BIGBANG will be touring Japan while T.O.P is serving his country.

Even though T.O.P recently enlisted in the military, BIGBANG already has plans set for a Japan dome tour, which will begin in late May. BIGBANG wants to minimize the gaps in between their group activities as much as possible.

BIGBANG will be visiting 3 cities: Fukuoka’s Yahuoku Dome on May 27th, the Tokyo Dome on May 30th and 31st, and Osaka’s Gyocera Dome on June 3rd and 4th. The group mentioned that they want to meet their fans as soon as possible. It was also mentioned that BIGBANG is reportedly preparing a series of special stages for this iteration of their dome tour.

Since 2013, BIGBANG has attracted over 780,000 fans at their dome tours. Many fans are already looking forward to ticket release. BIGBANG visited the Tokyo Dome last year, attracting huge attendance numbers and making Japanese VIPs wonder when their next visit would be.

Source: Sports Donga