BIGBANG’s T.O.P Reveals How Much He Actually Spends On Buying Art

It’s definitely going to leave you surprised!

It’s no secret that BIGBANG‘s T.O.P is a total art connoisseur; over his long 16-year career, he has expressed his love for visual art many times, and just one look at his Instagram account is enough to know how much he truly loves art!


T.O.P has himself dabbled in art many times, and has many artist friends who all share the same passion as him. Another way he shows appreciation for art is to buy it—he’s bought a ton of top-quality art over the years that speaks to his soul!

And in a recent interview with Prestige magazine, he shared how much he spends on art in total! T.O.P has been reported to spend 95% of his income on art, but in the interview, he revealed that he actually spends more than that! About art, he commented,

I feel I already found myself during my twenties, as I was spending my time as a musician. It’s more of a spiritual journey than finding myself. I believe that having the most unique art in my collection will inspire me to make the most unique music.

Art is my breakthrough. The visual inspiration and energy received from art stimulates me and becomes the driving force that moves me in new ways.


In other news, T.O.P was recently announced to have left YG Entertainment, and BIGBANG is slated to make their comeback soon.

Source: Prestige magazine