BIGHIT MUSIC Releases 20+ Photos Of BTS’s J-Hope From Throughout The Past Year To Celebrate His 28th Birthday

Happy birthday, Hobi!

In honor of BTS J-Hope‘s 28th birthday (international age), BIGHIT MUSIC released 20+ photos of the most special moments from the past year. Check out all of the amazing things our Sunshine has accomplished while you celebrate his special day!

1. 2020 SBS Music Awards

The group performed “Life Goes On” and “Dynamite” in a Christmas set!

2. MTV Unplugged

This included BTS’s legendary cover of Coldplay‘s “Fix You!”

3. Having fun on set for Butter album photoshoot

His heart-shaped smile matches his collar!

4. Taking photos during photoshoot…

He’s his own photographer!

5. Sunshine personified

He’s stunning!

6. Chilling on 2021 GRAMMY Awards night

He tuned in from Korea!

7. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Confetti fell as BTS performed “Butter!”

8. Smizin’

He wore this Fear Of God Off-White “ABC” hoodie for the group’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE photoshoot!

9. Karaoke

J-Hope would be an absolute blast to go to karaoke with!

10. One thing about J-Hope…

He can wear a suit! Look at him.

11. Rolling Stone

The fashion in this shoot was perfection!

12. 2021 Billboard Music Awards

The vibes are immaculate.

13. Game face

Nothing can stop J-Hope when he’s dancing!

14. SiriusXM Hits 1

This “Butter” performance was amazing!

15. In between takes

Those dimples!

16. Weverse Magazine

He puts a smile on our faces.

17. Just visiting museums…

No, he’s not twerking (we don’t think).

18. 2021 Muster Sowoozoo

This look was everything.


When J-Hope gets to L.A., we get a visit from Jay!


J-Hope reunited with ARMY feels so good.

21. Happy birthday, J-Hope!

We hope your day was as special as you are.


Source: Weverse