BLACKPINK Say They’re Showing A New “Lovely” Side Of Themselves In “Ice Cream” Ft. Selena Gomez

“We tried to express a refreshing and lovely charm”

It’s only been a few hours since the BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez collab, “Ice Cream”, was released, but it’s already making huge waves around the world. One of the main things fans are praising is how unique the song is in comparison to the rest of BLACKPINK’s discography. And, in an interview with Korean media, the group expressed their excitement at sharing this new side.

Fans can always count on BLACKPINK to bring something fresh to their comebacks, whether it’s a new style or a new sound. When asked what their charm is this time around, the members explained that “Ice Cream” is very different to “How You Like That”.


From “Playing with Fire” to “Ddu Du Ddu Du”, many of BLACKPINK’s releases have given off an edgier vibe. “How You Like That” was no exception, with a punchy beat and lyrics that promote empowerment and general badassery.

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Now, however, BLACKPINK said they want to show a “refreshing and lovely” charm through “Ice Cream”. Taking a look at the song and music video, there’s no doubt that they’ve done a great job.


The sugary track has a nursery rhyme-like melody with youthful percussion and catchy hooks. In fact, the members told press that as soon as they heard the song’s melody, they felt like they could actually “taste the sweetness of the song“.


The lyrics, meanwhile, compare love to ice creams, doubling down on the literal sweetness. BLACKPINK say they hope the “good vibes and excitement” they felt will come through, providing an auditory cooldown in the high summer heat.


As for the music video, BLACKPINK say the “pastel-toned props and cute set” are the key point, amping up the lovely charm. They revealed their own opinions on the video’s production were taken into account, which may explain why the colorful and bright styling suits them so well.


They went on to say that while they weren’t able to meet Selena Gomez in person to collaborate on the song, they were very happy to work with her. According to the BLACKPINK members, Selena’s own charm came through, and the two artists “shared musical synergy“.


All in all, BLACKPINK seem just as happy with their new side as BLINKs are. Many fans shared that they found the sweeter track refreshing, excited to see more of what the members can do.

And despite the COVID-19 pandemic making this summer a little less fun for many people, BLACKPINK hope to be able to greet their fans with Selena Gomez as soon as the situation is safe.


We are so happy to be able to meet our fans again with and exciting and bright song. We are looking forward to singing ‘Ice Cream’ on stage with Selena Gomez on the day we can finally meet you in person. We will be greeting you very soon, so until then, please stay healthy and happy as you listen to “Ice Cream”.


Source: SBS News